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Access to tickets page and get a €10 discount on your ticket purchase.

  • Float It. Membership

    Float Italia ASD one year membership
    Valido per un anno
    • Float Italia one year membership
    • Access to all Float Italia Events
    • Insurance
Why associate?

Why should I subscribe?

Float Italia ASD is a Sportive Association.

This will give all the event attendees the tranquility of insurance in case of big and deadly injuries. Check out  the association insurance policy here

So in order to participate it is a must to be covered by FSRI insurance, and you can do that by being part of our Association.

Unfortunately by Italian law, we need the association quote receipt, so to buy a ticket we ask you to Subscribe to our Association (€10) and then you will have access to buy your ticket with the €10 discount.

Thank you for your patience and collaboration!

This is the path to make Onewheel a real radical and safe sport.

Float Italia Crew

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