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Gattinara 23 Policies

The European Onewheel League racing rules are based on safety, fairness, and competition. Participants must wear protective gear and follow the guidelines set forth by the league. The races are timed and the winner is determined by the fastest completion time.

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Gattinara 2023 Wine & Trails Policies


Policies detailed herein include:
1. Code of Practice
2. Participation Statement
3. Competitor Rules
4. Complaints Policy & Procedure
NOTE: Participation Statement and Code of practice must be read and understood by all riders. By purchasing any type of ticket for Gattinara 23 Wine & Trails event, you are agreeing to adhere to the Code of Practice and Participation Statement.

1. Code of Practice
Applies to all persons involved including event committee, helpers, officials and any other persons associated or connected with Gattinara 2023 Wine & Trails events.

ONEWHEELING (including racing) 

Onewheeling is a hazardous sport. Tracks at Gattinara hills and river side could be steep and difficult in places. The downhill mountain bike tracks have been designed for bikes, and the road for access to the site; as such, they should only be attempted by experienced users. You may fall or have to walk sections. Float Italia accept no liability for any loss or injury arising from your use of their tracks and / or participation in Gattinara 2023 Wine & Trails events.

Minimum Age
Minimum age for riding the tracks is 10 years - children aged between 10 - 15 years must be supervised by an adult. Those aged 15 and under must be accompanied by and have a parent/guardian to sign for them.

Take Care
All users must read and understand this and a Participation Statement before using the facilities and participating in any events.

Is your Onewheel suitable?
You are entirely responsible for the state of repair of your own Onewheel and for ensuring it is in sufficiently good condition for use on the tracks. There may be puddles and / or water lying on the tracks, and a waterproofed Onewheel is recommended.

Where can you ride?
On the hills you may only ride on the designated downhill and cross country tracks, and the access road. For the future it is vitally important to prevent erosion so please do not cut corners. Any customer cutting corners or riding in non designated areas may be asked to leave the mountain. It is not recommended to ride a onewheel on the designated mountain bike tracks.

Remember other users
There may be other cyclists, walkers, vehicles and Onwheelers on the tracks and access road. Treat others with consideration. Slow down if needed. If you stop on the track please step aside to let others pass. Outside of a competition run, let faster riders pass you. No i-pods (or similar) whilst riding.
Bikes, motorbikes, walkers and horses have the right of way over onewheel

Obey the signs and instructions from staff
They are there for your safety and the safety of others. Ride with care when passing people working on the tracks.

We suggest that you do not ride alone; bring a friend, even if just to spectate. In the event of a serious accident, please report it to staff and others. We need to know the nature of the accident, where it has occurred and an accident form must be completed.

Helmets & Insurance
You must wear a helmet when riding any of the tracks but full face helmets and body armour are mandatory for the Black Track and are advised for the other down hill track. Consider your insurance situation; are you insured for personal injury and 3rd party liability?

Failure to comply
You will be banned from riding for a specific period depending on the infringement. There will be no refund of money paid for the rider in this case.

Take your litter Home
Help keep Gattinara and the surrounding area looking sweet. Please take your litter home.

Respect gets respect
Onewheeling is a new sport; please give us the reputation we deserve as a legitimate sport - respect others and we will help ensure we are welcome back next year.


2. Gattinara 23 Wine & Trails Participation Statement

I have read and understand the Code of Practice

I am not aware of any medical condition which would preclude me riding the tracks.

I agree riding Onewheel is a dangerous activity and I am prepared to ride at my own risk.

I agree I must wear an appropriate helmet correctly fitted, full face helmets and armour advised

My Onehweel is suitable for the tracks (waterproofing is advised).

I must ride with respect for all visitors.

I must remain on the tracks / access road without cutting corners.

I must be aware of vehicles, walkers, workers, cyclists and other riders - note tracks might cross other roads and paths.

I must ride with care when passing other people on the track

I must use toilets provided or my ticket will be removed without a refund. The mountain is a place of natural beauty, not a toilet / bathroom. Facilities are provided in multiple places on site.

For the bike tracks:
I understand that the bike tracks are steep, technical, ‘natural’ style single-track mountain bike tracks and are not intended or recommended for use on a Onewheel. 

3. Competitor Rules

All Gattinara 2023 Wine & Trails competitors should:

3.1 Abide within the rules.

3.2 Show respect to your team, opposition and officials and treat them as you would want to be treated.

3.3 Not bully, interfere or take unfair advantage of any competitor.

3.4 Make new competitors feel welcome.

3.5 Ensure your equipment is properly prepared and safe and to dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

3.6 If you have previously been threatening or aggressive to any of the event organisers you will not be welcome to attend the event. Should this have previously occurred and you do purchase a ticket, it will be refunded once only. Should you purchase again after this refund, you will not be refunded for the event or given entrance/access to the event. You will be asked to leave and any refusal to do so will result in being removed from premises.

3.7 All competitors must bring their own Onewheel. No Onewheels will be supplied for this event.

I must ride with care when passing other people on the track

3.8 All competitors are expected to be physically capable of participating; intoxication due to drugs and / or alcohol use will not be tolerated.

3.9 Respect the position of the event organiser and their role, in accordance with published Gattinara 2023 Wine & Trails rules.

3.9 Gattinara 2023 Wine & Trails reserves the right to use seeding times to determine overall race results in the event of the event being cancelled due to extreme weather.

4. Complaints, Cancellations, Refunds Policy & Procedure

4.1 Any issues, complaints or grievances should be brought up with the event organisers in a timely and appropriate manner. Violence, threatening behaviour or abuse towards Float Italia staff, volunteers and other participants will not be tolerated.

4.2 If any person should wish to make a complaint about a matter of conduct at an event they should in the first instance, speak to the event organiser who will be present at each event.

4.3 The event will go ahead if it is deemed reasonably practicable to do so. Cancellations are permitted for extreme weather conditions. If weather conditions deteriorate to such a degree that the event is unable to continue, or not even started, other dates will be communicated. If during the second event weather conditions deteriorate to such a degree that the event is unable to continue, or not even started a 50% refund will be offered

4.4 Refunds will not be offered due to injury sustained while competing in the event, participants being too late to the start gate, or incapacitation due to intoxication due to drugs and / or alcohol use.

4.5 Float Italia is not responsible for accommodation, food or other activity bookings made by participants, which must be made separately.

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