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What time do we meet on Friday?

  • Friday meeting is scheduled between 2 and 4 pm, there will be a Meet and Greet and some spare time to ride trails, shred the park, have a relaxing bath in the river nearby, or simply have a fresh beer. After that, there will be time for Rumble Round with prizes, an aperitif with DJ set and a group ride in Gattinara city, where the local festival called “Rosa e Rosso di Maggio” will be held on the same dates about our specialty, wine. 

Is this event family friendly?

  • Of course. We love families and how Onewheel brings together people of all ages. There will be enough space for those who want to be located a little further from the race. Explore your options upon arrival. 

Is there food available?

  • Yes it will! Our dear friends from  “I sentieri dei Gatti” will  be hosting a catering for all the participants. In the event you have already bought a ticket as a racer, a meal will be included in the price. Beer and drinks are also sold on the site.

What options are there for camping on site?

  • We have managed to find an agreement with the Municipality of Gattinara to let you camp with your own tent for free in the site where Saturday’s qualifications will be held. Please bring everything you need for free camping and your own mosquito repellent, even if a mosquito disinfection will be carried out some days before the event. Places are limited so you must book your tent spot.

What is the bathroom situation?

  • There are two genderless bathrooms located near the site. They will be cleaned before and after the event, please be polite so that everyone can benefit from them.

How do I charge my Onewheel?

  • Staff will provide electrical outlets in the event’s places, and it will be for free (of course). It will be useful if you bring your own power strip.

What kind of OneWheel can I race?

  • Every OneWheel, bms and batteries are accepted in the race.

Are there some showers?

  • Unfortunately there are not.

Will there be quiet hours?

  • The events location is in the middle of the nature, you can easily walk 5 mins away and find a spot to chill. The nights will be silent with nature’s sound surrounding.

What will the weather be like for the event?

  • Gattinara is a good place for freecamping in Spring. Usually days are warm, and nights fresh. We all hope it won’t rain during those days. Bring your sleeping bag if you wish to do so. 

What should I bring to "Gattinara 23 Wine & Trails"?

  • Onewheels and Charger 

  • Flashlights, lanterns, headlamps 

  • Acoustic instruments for jams if you would like to

  • Water Bottles 

  • Anything you need for free camping

What should I NOT bring to “Gattinara 23 Wine & Trails”?

  • No bad vibes allowed 

Can I bring my pet?

  • Pets are welcome but you are the only responsible for them. Please clean their droppings.

What if I had an emergency?

  • Emergency medical staff will be on hand all weekend days. Find staff to be directed to any assistance needed. 

Is there a LOST & FOUND?

  • No, but if you find a lost item, please reach out to the staff, that will try to find its legal owner. 

What’s up with cell phone service at the venue?

  • Major telephone companies have good coverage in the area.

What is required in order to race?

  • All racers are required to wear a helmet and wrist guards during races.

  • All racers regularly registered to Float Italia Association are eligible for insurance. Registration is mandatory to race. Please check the registration form.

  • Participants may register for and participate in multiple activities, or races over the course of the event. 

  • Participants must use their personal boards for all race events.

  • Alcohol consumption for participants is allowed at your own risk. Any racer suspected of intoxication will lose eligibility for insurance.

Can I stay offsite at a hotel, Airbnb, etc?

  • Of course, you can. There are also two affiliated hotels nearby. Say that you are coming to the event for a special price. Click here to see where to sleep.

Shipping your OneWheel

  • If you are planning to fly to Gattinara, the nearest airports are Turin or Milan Malpensa. Please reach out to the staff if you would like to ship your OneWheel, by writing an email to

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