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What tickets should I get?



You are here to chill and laugh!
You will be able to participate on the Onewheel Games, ride the Gattinara trails and enjoy the event vibes!



Start your engines!

You are ready to race in the first stop of the European Onewheel League. Get your racer ticket and get ready to rumble!

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How to buy tickets

How can I buy my Ticket?

Just follow the steps below:

1 - Subscribe to our Association (€10)
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2 - Once subscribed you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the €10 discount code.

3 - Go to the Tickets page


What's happening

Three days of pure onewheel riding with all the Italian and European crew.

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Trail Riding

Gattinara is a city renowned for its wine production, but did you know it also has a thriving mountain biking scene? The Sentieri dei Gatti, a local group of mountain bike enthusiasts, have built a network of trails that crisscross the picturesque hills surrounding the city.

As they are good friends of Float Italia, they help us to prepare all the tracks for Onewheel as well.

Gattinara Day1-521.jpg

Good Wine

Savor the unique flavors of Gattinara wine, made from premium Nebbiolo grapes in the heart of Italy. With a rich history and commitment to quality, these wines are renowned for their complex and satisfying taste. Try a bottle and discover why Gattinara wine is a must-try for wine lovers everywhere.

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Start your engines!

Gattinara 23 is proud to host a stage of the European Onewheel League. Get ready for an action-packed weekend of Time trials followed by thrilling 4-rider finals. Experience the thrill of competition and see the best Onewheel riders battle it out on the tracks.

Gattinara Day1-321.jpg

Good Vibes

Join the electric community at the Gattinara Onewheel Event, where good vibes and a supportive atmosphere reign supreme. With a focus on fun, thrills, and friendship, riders of all levels will have a blast taking on the trails and pushing their skills to the next level. Experience the ultimate thrill and make unforgettable memories surrounded by like-minded Onewheel enthusiasts.

Gattinara Day1-311.jpg

Trick Contest


The trick contest this year will have money awards!

The crowd will receive some cash from the staff and will give it to the rider who sends the best trick.

Are you ready?!

Gattinara Day1-403.jpg

Lots of Prizes

Get ready to be amazed at the Gattinara! With fantastic prizes on offer, including the latest gear and accessories, riders of all levels will have the chance to walk away with some truly amazing prizes. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to score big and elevate your Onewheel game.

Sponsors and Supporters

Main Sponsor
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Where to sleep

Where to sleep

Say you are coming for the event to have special price!

The Vineyard

+39 377 0996 902

Piazza Paolotti, 2
13045 Gattinara (VC)


+39 335 520 7623 (whatsapp) Valsesia, 238
13045 Gattinara (VC)

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Event Location

Gattinara (VC)

Via alla Colonia 13045

2022 edition

Check out the last edition of the Gattinara gathering:

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